(アリサ Arisa)
Gender: Female
Hometown: Neighborly Town
Region: Sinnoh
Family: Ben (son), Kellyn (son), Keith (oldest son), Izzy (youngest son)
Class: PokeStylist (formerly)
Pokemon Coordinator

Eliza is the mother to four sons, notably the series main protagonist, Izzy. Since her sons have become trainers, she decided to continue to pursue her dream of being a successful Pokémon Coordinator.


Sinnoh EraEdit

Before settling down, Eliza was a prestigious Pokémon Stylist and was famous for her Pokémon fashion line. She then retired from styling after meeting her husband, Daniel. They went on to have four boys and Eliza is now a stay at home mother.

Eliza was first seen in the first episode of the series when she seen waking up Izzy and telling him breakfast was ready. She also revealed to him that he should go Sandgem Town to go get his first pokemon.

Hoenn EraEdit

After the departure of Izzy, Eliza decided to become a Pokémon Coordinator again and try to make it to the Grand Festival this time.


On handEdit

Pokémon Information
Buneary → Lopunny
Pokémon Information
Feebas was first seen swimming around in Aria's pond in the backyard of her house. In the next episode, Eliza used her, along with her pokemon in a 3 on 3 battle with Izzy. She put up a strong fight in the battle against Izzy's Beautifly but ultimately lost. Some time while Izzy was in the Hoenn region, Feebas evolved into Milotic.
Feebas → Milotic
Pokémon Information
Electrike was first seen eating some pokemon food in a dog bowl when Izzy first arrived back at home. In the next episode, Eliza used him, along with her pokemon in a 3 on 3 battle with Izzy where it was revealed that Electrike is a stronger battler and knows exceptional moves. Some time while Izzy was in the Hoenn region, Electrike evolved into Manectric.
Electrike → Manectric
Pokémon Information
Slugma → Magcargo
Pokémon Information
Wingull was first seen flying around happily by the Poacher before being attacked by his Pelipper, injuring it. Upon searching for her Electrike, Eliza scooped her up and brought her to go find the Poacher. While battling the Poacher, Wingull revealed that she knew Water Gun and Aerial Ace, helping Officer Jenny. Some time while Izzy was in the Hoenn region, Wingull evolved into Pelipper.
Wingull → Pelipper
Pokémon Information
Dewgong is a Pokemon revealed to had been caught while Izzy was traveling in Hoenn. It first appeared as a Seel in a flashback when Eliza talked about her days as a Stylist. She then traveled out to Ice Cove and noticed that her Seel had evolved into a Dewgong and even had a child. Dewgong gave the child to Eliza and she trained Seel until it eventually evolved into a Dewgong during a Pokémon Contest.
Seel → Dewgong
Pokémon Information
When Izzy returned back to Neighborly Town from Hoenn, Eliza revealed that she caught a Slowbro before he arrived. Slowbro was then shown using Ice Punch on a tree before being introduced to Izzy.