Eliza's Slowbro
Iraiza's Yadoran
Trainer: Eliza
Gender: Male
Ability: Oblivious (not yet activated)
Current location: With Aria

This Slowbro is a water/psychic-type Pokémon owned by Eliza.


Slowbro was revealed to had been caught when Izzy first arrived back to Sinnoh. Eliza also revealed that she had caught Slowbro two days prior to when Izzy arrived back home to Neighborly Town. Eliza brought Slowbro and her newly evolved Pelipper to the Bellow Town for the upcoming Pokémon Contest. While in Bellow Town, Eliza and Izzy participated in a double battle where Eliza won.

At the Bellow Town Pokémon Contest, Slowbro was used for both the Performance Round and the subsequent battle rounds. In the final battle against Eliza's opponent's Machoke, Slowbro used Ice Punch to defeat it and win the contest ribbon.

When Izzy returned to Neighborly Town to visit, Slowbro was seen sprinkling some plants in his home's backyard. He was then revealed to have Water Pulse when Eliza asked him to use it on the grassy terrain as well.

Known movesEdit

Move Episode
Ice Punch + EP
Psych Up + EP
Psychic + EP
Swift EP
Water Pulse + EP
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.



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