Kellyn's Corsola
Trainer: Kellyn
Ability: Hustle (not yet activated)
Current location: With Kellyn

This Corsola is a water/rock-type Pokémon owned by Kellyn that was the first Pokemon he used during the Sinnoh League battle against Ben.


Corsola was shown to be a strong battler. She was first used in the full six on six battle between Ben during the Top 8 where she battled his Staryu on the water field. When Staryu tried using Hydro Pump to directly hit Corsola, Corsola deflected it by jumping in the water, causing an gigantic splash. During the splash, Corsola used Spike Cannon in order to damage Staryu, successfully doing so. She then finished the battle when she forcefully used Tackle, causing Staryu to crash into the fall, defeating it and bringing Ben's team down to five.

Corsola was then used again after Kellyn's Mismagius defeated Ben's Ninjask. Ben then brought out his Magmar. Corsola quickly took action when her trainer told her to tackle Magmar, hitting it. Magmar then used Fire Punch, directly hitting Corsola causing her to fall into the water area. She tried using Recover to heal up quicker but Magmar used Fire Blast on the pool, turning it into steam. Magmar attacked again with another Fire Punch at Corsola, hitting her hard, defeating Corsola.

Known movesEdit

Move Episode
Spike Cannon EP
Rock Wrecker - EP
Tackle EP
Recover EP
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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